Organic Kosher Certified

Organic & Kosher Certified

Our farmlands and yield have no GMOs, or inorganic chemical inputs.
Organic Regenerative

Organic Regenerative Farming

We prioritize soil health, integrate animals, restore ecosystems, & enhance biodiversity.
Fair Trade

Beyond Fair Trade

We focus on love, respect, fairness & development for our staff family & our community members & farmers.
Waste Management

Sustainable Waste Management

We compost, bio-digest, repurpose, reuse & recycle our waste. In our packaging, we use compostable, recyclable & reusable materials.
Low Impact Tourism

High Value, Low Impact Tourism

We reduce impact by maintaining ecological balance, conserving heritage, culture & diversity, & improving the socio-economic benefits to all stakeholders & communities.
"Belmont Estate is grounded in stewardship. We also take pride in being legacy bearers. We nurture nature the same way we cherish our people, and preserve our heritage and farming traditions. It’s our hope that through the rich experiences and products we craft for you, you’ll enjoy this powerful symbiotic relationship between nature and people."

With Love and Gratitude,

Shadel Nyack Compton
Legacy Bearer

Belmont Estate is an absolute must-see destination when traveling to Grenada. Located north-east on the island of Grenada in the Caribbean, about an hour’s drive from the capital, St. Georges, this 17th-century plantation offers guests an immersive experience into the organic farm, goat dairy, tree-to-bar chocolate making, local cuisine at its restaurant, history & heritage, topped with professional, friendly, attentive service. It is a phenomenal example of the passionate commitment of local owners to transform this relic of an oppressive past into a business that offers a happy, positive, beautiful place, and is focused on transforming lives, empowering people, supporting communities and preserving the environment

Explore the Fascinating Story of the Cocoa Bean




74% Organic Cocoa Content


60% Organic Cocoa Content

Pure Grenada

60% Organic Cocoa Content

Sea Salt

74% Organic Cocoa Content

An Authentic Tree-to-Bar Craft Chocolate
Experience Awaits You

Belmont Estate invites you to experience a different side to your Pure Grenada vacation. Nestled amongst 300 acres of fertile, organic farmland and lush tropical forests, our agritourism activities offer you the opportunity to indulge your senses as you learn about cocoa, chocolate, and traditional farming.

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  • Chris
    Belmont Estate is the real deal - working cocoa bean / chocolate factory. Our three children had an amazing experience. I submitted a review on the site right after our trip with very high compliments for Kelly our guide - he was born for this!
  • Bevan
    Please be sure to let the farmers and production team know that I think they do a wonderful job in their careful attention to all of the processing steps, since so many things can go wrong with the flavor if the drying and fermenting are not handled properly, and that there are people such as myself who truly appreciate their efforts.
  • Serena C
    We had Kelly to ourselves and he was a real mine of information. He took us around parts of the estate and indulged my desire to visit the goats. They make a range of cheeses so the goats are very friendly! We learned about making chocolate and also saw the factory, where we bought some to take home.
    Serena C

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